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Forensic Services

Crime Scene Investigation Services

Adarsh Mishra forensic expert

Our forensic consultancy BFI Pvt. Ltd. have team of forensic experts  for investigation of crime scene and its management for various cases like murder, suicidal, hit and run cases, insurance cases etc. to assist police officials, corporate organizations. Various crime scene investigation services includes-

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Forensic Questioned Document Examination And Verification

Our forensic organization provides various Forensic document examination and verification services of various disputed questioned documents like cheques, bills, tickets, currency notes, agreements, sale deeds, wills, contracts, medical reports or any other questioned document.
Examination and verification are done on the basis of various forensic aspects of comparison between standard/genuine documents and disputed documents. Our forensic document examination services includes:

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Forensic Handwriting-Signature Expert Services For Courts

Forensic Handwriting

Our consultancy BFI has experienced Forensic Handwriting Expert in Delhi who handles cases for forensic services related to examination and verification of different types of disputed handwriting samples including forensic Signatures analysis, examination of marks or symbols over various surfaces of documents like  bills, cheques, suicide notes, anonymous letters etc.
Forensic examination and assessment of disputed handwriting samples are done by analyzing various forensic aspects and principles of handwriting and signatures. Our forensic handwriting analysis and signature verification services includes:

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Fingerprint Development And Examination

Fingerprint DevlopmentOur forensic consultancy BFI provides forensic fingerprint services by performing fingerprint development from different surface followed by taking specimens and prepare fingerprint report by examination and its verification. our forensic fingerprint services are provided to police officials, lawyers, corporate, multi-national companies and institutions for various purposes like-

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Fingerprint Expert Services  

Our forensic investigating agency provides forensic fingerprint services by analysis and verification of fingerprint samples pertaining to personal purposes by individuals or to police officials (investigation officer), lawyers, corporate sectors, MNC’s and institutions. our fingerprint expert services inlcudes-

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Cyber Forensic Investigation

Our consultancy have highly skilled  team of cyber forensic experts and computer forensic experts who can assist and solve the cyber related crimes as in today’s scenario cyber crimes are the most frequently occurring crime.
Our forensic organization provide various cyber forensic services like-

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Cross Examination Questionnaire

Our consultancy provides services for the Lawyer for the preparation of questionnaire for the cross examination of the forensic reports submitted by government forensic science laboratories or private forensic labs) or individual forensic science experts for the court of law so that the submitted reports could be fully testified and unbiased forensic opinions.
Cross Examination of Forensic Experts and forensic reports of various forensic fields includes-

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DNA Fingerprinting

In today’s time DNA fingerprinting is the most accurate and reliable technique used for the purpose of identification of an individual.
Our consultancy BFI provide high quality DNA Fingerprinting services all over India for both law enforcement like police, courts etc. as well as private sectors on various aspects.
Our brilliant forensic consultancy provide various DNA fingerprinting services like-

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Medico –Legal Consultation

Medico legal examination of body

Our consultancy has highly experienced and professionally trained and skilled medico legal experts and consultants who can assist on various medico legal issues like- murder cases, false rape cases, assault cases, etc by examination of the post mortem reports, or interpretating medical documents like (PM Reports, photographs, MLC’s etc.) which are lying with investigator or courts for the purpose of judicial proceeding.

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Fire/Arson Investigation

Forensic Arson Fire InvestigationOur forensic organisation have expertise team for fire scene investigation used to know the cause of fire and origin of fire that is required in cases of insurance claim.
Our services are required by insurance agencies dealing with car or motor vehicle insurance services,  building insurance or structure insurance companies.

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Private Investigation

Our consultancy provide various private investigation and detective services to all over India and specially for detective service in Delhi and NCR for –

  •   Pre matrimonial investigation

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Police Clearance Certification (PCC) Services

Police clearance certificate is an official fingerprint card which is to be issued by the any Government recognized authority to an individual in order to identify whether the particular individual holds any criminal record or not during immigration. PCC is majorly used for immigration purposes.
BFI provides the fingerprint service of PCC by taking rolled fingerprints on standard Fingerprint Card of that country (FD 256, FD 258 fingerprint card) and ensures the best result and timely verification.

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Forensic Graphology

Graphology is the art of analyzing handwriting, signature or other handwritten script for the purpose of analyzing personality, behavior and mentality assessment.

  •   Self-personality assessment.

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Scientific Palmistry

Scientific palmistry is the scientific way of analyzing palm and fingerprint for the purpose of assessing the personality of an individual.

  •   Know your personality /nature /thinking process.

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Forensic Consultation Services

Free forensic consultation services

Our consultancy BFI has a highly specialized team having many years of experience in various fields of investigation.
We provide consultation on various aspects of investigation like-

  • Forensic Consultations on murder and suicide cases

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Forensic Biology & Serology

Biological evidence play a great role in criminal cases like homicide, suicide and rape cases for the purpose of identification of the victim and the culprit.
our consultancy provides services for the examination of various biological evidence like-

  •     Examination of hair evidence

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Forensic Photography

As the crime scene cannot be transferred to the court of law, the best way to represent it to court is through photography method.
Our consultancy provides best photographers for the crime scene documentation who are professionally skilled and trained photographer.
We provide best forensic photography services for the purposes like-

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Physical Evidence Examination

forensic evidence analysis

Our consultancy BFI provides the examination and verification of various physical evidence found at the scene of crime which are very useful in solving the case.
Various physical evidence includes-

  • Development of shoe print

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Audio, Video and Photo Examination

audio video forensic expert services delhi, india

Audio and Video recordings can provide a real-time, eyewitness pertaining a crime or incident, so forensic investigators, legal personnel and judicial authorities can watch or hear what transpired. For Example- surveillance video (CCTV) captures a bank robbery or assault in progress, hidden spy camera records an undercover sting operation etc.

As the nations are moving towards digitization, audio and video recordings are playing very crucial role for investigation and 

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