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Police Clearance Certification (PCC) Services

Police clearance certificate is an official fingerprint card which is to be issued by the any Government recognized authority to an individual in order to identify whether the particular individual holds any criminal record or not during immigration.

All candidates aged 17 years or above who are working, visiting or studying in outside nation for a half year or longer are required to introduce a police clearance certificate from that nation, regardless of whether it is their nation of origin. Candidates applying for migration must cabin their application for relocation or migration with the Immigration/Embassy/Consulate of the nation of migration. A total set of 10 finger impression were taken by a certified forensic fingerprint expert.

PCC is majorly used for immigration purposes. BFI provides the fingerprint service of PCC by taking rolled fingerprints on standard Fingerprint Card of that country (FD 256, FD 258 fingerprint card) and ensures the best result and timely verification. We take fingerprints at our forensic laboratory and we even provide service at client’s residence. Our trained fingerprint personnel will record rolled fingerprints by standardized fingerprint taking protocol. We also use specialized fingerprint ink method for taking fingerprint specimens. Specimen fingerprints are only taken after verifying the individual’s government approved ID’s in order to proceed in legal manner. We even require verifying the documents used for immigration purpose before proceeding for taking the rolled specimen fingerprints.

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