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Forensic Consultation Services

Consultation on Forensic Science and Forensic Experts services

Our consultancy BFI has a highly specialized team having many years of experience in various fields of investigation.

Our Consultation will help the lawyers, plaintiff/defendant on drafting of the case and pattern of presenting the case in front of courts.
We provide consultation on various aspects of Forensic Science and  investigations like-

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  • Forensic Consultations on murder cases (Suicidal/Homicial/accidental deaths)
  • Forensic Consultations on murder cases suicide cases
  • Forensic Consultation on false rape allegations cases
  • Domestic violence and assault related cases
  • Consultation on property dispute related cases.
  • consultation of forge document examination and handwriting verification
  • Medico–legal consultation services on medical negligence cases.
  • Forensic consultation on Explosion cases.
  • Consultation on fire and arson cases in insurance claims.
  • Consult on Questioned Document examination and anonymous or threatening letter Handwriting cases
  • Consult on cyber crime, cyber fraud and Cyber Forensic cases
  • Consultation on poison, Toxicology and drug related cases
  • Biological evidence related consultation
  • CCTV footage examination and consultation
  • Disputes related to PC-PNDT act violation

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