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Forensic Services Lucknow

Handwriting Experts in Lucknow

Handwriting Forensics is the comparative examination between a disputed handwriting and a standard handwriting sample of a suspected writer. Handwriting features of class and individual characteristics or specific writing habits of suspected writers are comprehensively compared for similarities or dissimilarities with the known handwriting sample. “Handwriting is known as brainwriting”. The handwriting is central to the person’s identity. Each person writes in his own unique way which represents the individual characteristic.

Brilliant Forensic Investigation  Provide Complete Solution for Forensic Handwriting Examination matters, Our Experts use latest technology and scientific method in giving our opinion on handwriting. 

Forensic Handwriting Expert Services (Lucknow | Kanpur| Noida | Ghaziabad) & nearby location

  • Examination of Questioned Document
  • Examination of Handwriting
  • The Authenticity of signature or initials of Handwriting
  • Obliterated or Indented Writing
  • Examination of Signature/Fake Signature
  • Ink Identification, Dating and detection of Age of Ink
  • The identification of altered or erasing and over writing or fraudulent Documents
  • Questioned typewritten or Computer printout of Documents
  •  Age of the Document
  • Documents Verification
  • Forensic photography of Disputed/forged Documents
  • Forgery detection such as “Cut and Paste” Signatures or text
  • Examination of Stamp
  • Identification of Printed Source
  • Examination of Printed matters
  • Examination of Scanned Documents
  • Examination of Photocopier
  • Examination of typescripts
  • Identification of fake aging
  • Identification of fake wills or power of attorney
  • Examination of Suicide Notes/Letters

Fingerprint Expert in Lucknow

Fingerprint Expert Services (Lucknow | Kanpur| Noida | Ghaziabad) & nearby location

  • Development, Lifting and Comparison of Fingerprints from Crime Scene
  • Examination of Fingerprints in Crime Scene Investigation
  • Development of latent invisible or partially visible fingerprints
  • Development of Fingerprints from Papers
  • Development of Fingerprints via Powder methods
  • Development of Fingerprints and there Photographs
  • Fingerprint Matching/ Comparison expert in Lucknow
  • Comparison of fingerprints in a forgery cases
  • Forensic Photography of the fingerprints
  • Recording of fingerprints for verification purposes/immigration or visa or work permit
  • Ragistry, Cheques, Bank Notes, Payrolls, Power of Attorney Examined by Experts in Lucknow
  • Fingerprints on FBI FD- 258 card (USA)
  • FBI Police Clearance Certificate(PCC) 
  • FBI Criminal Background Check

Cyber Forensic Investigation Expert in Lucknow

Cyber Forensic Services (Lucknow | Kanpur| Noida | Ghaziabad) & nearby location

  • Data Collection form Crime Scene
  • Evidence Recovery/Data Recovery
  • Social Networking Sites Crime Investigation
  • E-mail Tracking
  • IP Tracking
  • MAC Address Tracking
  • Password Recovery 
  • Video Tempering Analysis
  • Audio Tempering Analysis by Experts in Lucknow
  • Web Tracking
  • Hard Disk Imaging
  • Voice Alteration Verification
  • Formatted Disk Recovery
  • Hacking Investigation
  • Disk Snap
  • Forensic Data Collection
  • Cyber Security
  • Internet Crimes
  • Software Piracy

Insurance Investigation and Fraud Detection

Insurance & Fraud Detection Services (Lucknow | Kanpur| Noida | Ghaziabad) & nearby location

  • Key Verification
  • Fingerprint Verification
  • Registration Verification
  • Claims Investigation and Verification 
  • Insurance Fraud Detection
  • Insurance Surveillance Services
  • Detection of false Insurance Claims
  • Personal accident claims
  • Theft claims Investigation
  • Assisting counsels/Lawyers
  • Legal and Insurance support Services
  • General Insurance Investigations
  • Property Claim Investigation
  • Life Insurance Claim Investigation/fraud Detection
  • Handwriting Verification
  • Signature Verification
  • Accident Claims Investigation and Reconstructions
Forensic Handwriting

FBI Fingerprinting for Immigration/VISA/Work Permit

  • Fingerprinting on FBI FD-258 card (USA)
  • FBI Police Clearance Certificate(PCC)
  • FBI Criminal Background Check
  • Fingerprinting for TPA/ Insurance License
  • Background Check of the Indian Person
  • Fingerprint Card Verification for USA
  • Fingerprint Recording for USA, Immigration, Work Permits, Permanent Residence, Medical License, PR, Work Permits, Online Tutors, VISA

Employee Verification/ Background Screening

  • Employee Credential verification
  • Background Screening
  • Residence Address Verification
  • Criminal/ Police Verification
  • Employment Verification
  • Qualification/ Certificate Verification
  • Reference Check Verification
  • Civil record Verification
  • Court Record Verification
  • Post Employment Verification

Audio/Video Investigation Expert

Audio/Video Investigation Services (Lucknow | Kanpur| Noida | Ghaziabad) & nearby location

  • Voice Analysis
  • Video Tempering Examination
  • Audio Tempering Examination
  • Voice Alteration Verification
  • Hard Disk Imaging
  • Internet Crimes and Investigation
  • Software Piracy
  • Pirated CDs/DVDs
  • Expert witness and Testimony
  • Target (Child/Spouse/Vehicle)Tracking
  • Webcam Scams
  • Video Clip Examination and Verification

Forensic DNA and Blood Analysis

Forensic DNA  Services (Lucknow | Kanpur| Noida | Ghaziabad) & nearby location

  • DNA Profilling
  • Paternity Test
  • Maternity Test
  • Identification Profilling
  • Immigration DNA Test
  • Blood Group Detetction
  • DNA Extraction from Blood, Saliva, Bones etc
  • DNA analysis for Paternity Disputes
  • Rape Cases
  • DNA hair Examination
  • Semen Examination
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