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Forensic Graphology

Brilliant Forensic Investigation Pvt. Ltd. provides a view to analyze personality traits by analyzing handwriting of an individual. The trained forensic graphologist analyze handwriting, signature or any handwritten script like suicidal notes/letters, ransom notes, blackmailing letters, threatening notes etc for the purpose of analyzing personality, behavior and mentality assessment of an individual.

Our well-experienced team of forensic graphologists study all graphic movements of the individuals and able to analyze physiological and psychological functions which is revealed in the individual’s handwriting.

We provide forensic graphology services which include:

  • Self-personality assessment
  • Personality or Behavior assessment of the corporate in the office
  • Knowing the thought process of child
  • Knowing the professional as well as future prospective
  • To prove a Will has been maliciously altered
  • To ascertain whether a person has been intentionally disguise his/her handwriting to hide his genuine personality
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