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Training on Handwriting Examination & Signature Verification

Forensic Handwriting Examination and Signature Verification Course Outline:

Forensic handwriting examination and signature verification are the two sub-fields of forensic science in which comparative and scientific examination is done by forensic handwriting expert in order to determine whether the disputed handwriting or signature matches with the standard handwriting sample or signature sample. In forensic handwriting examination and forensic signature verification, handwriting features of class and individual characteristics or specific writing habits of suspected writer is comprehensively examined.  

In many civil and criminal cases, disputed handwriting and forged signatures are mainly found on bank slips, cheques, Wills, sale deed document, property related documents, suicide notes, handwritten ransom notes, affidavits or other documents. In such cases, the analysis of handwriting and signature verification is done by forensic handwriting expert utilizing scientific methods and instruments. Comparison between disputed handwriting and signature verification involves variety of handwriting characteristics such as speed, alignment, slant, pen position, pen lifts, pen pauses, embellishments, legibility, letters between spacing, size and proportion of letters, shading, patching etc.

Forensic handwriting examination and signature verification training course involves:

  • Comparative analysis of Disputed and Standard Handwriting
  • Examination of forged signatures
  • Class and individual characteristics of handwriting
  • Techniques to decipher alteration, erasure, obliteration and difference in pen inks
  • Examination of disguised writing
  • Examination of digital signatures
  • Examination of electronic documents (photocopied, print outs, scanned documents)
  • Report writing

Our training program covers broader field of forensic handwriting and signature verification along with practical exposure utilizing various scientific methods & instruments.

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