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Audio, Video and Photo Examination

audio video forensic expert services delhi, india Audio and Video recordings can provide a real-time, eyewitness pertaining a crime or incident, so forensic investigators, legal personnel and judicial authorities can watch or hear what transpired. For Example- surveillance video (CCTV) captures a bank robbery or assault in progress, hidden spy camera records an undercover sting operation etc. As the nations are moving towards digitization, audio and video recordings are playing very crucial role for investigation and identification of accused and perpetrators/criminals. In various criminal or civil cases the audio and video files are tampered or manipulated to conceal the true facts. Our Brilliant forensic investigation organization in Delhi provides following forensic audio-video analysis services evidences:
  • Audio Authentication and verification for courts
  • Video analysis and authentication for courts
  • Audio and video transcription for court purposes
  • Analysis of audio for verification of tampering, addition, deletion, manipulation
  • Analysis of any tampering in the video file.
  • Cross Examination of forensic analysis reports related to Audio and Video evidence
  • Verification of creation date and time of any audio and video file.
  • Forensic Photo verification
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