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Forensic Workshop


The purpose of workshop programmes organised by forensic team of Brilliant Forensic Investigation ( BFI PVT LTD), is to provide awareness related to forensic science and forensic medicine. Our aim is to aware public sectors, private sectors, corporate offices, MNCs, Law colleges, forensic colleges and universities. Forensic workshop will help people in understanding and how forensic expert can help individuals/society.The forensic workshop programme will cover different fields of forensic science depending upon the requirement of the audience or organisation. Forensic workshop programme services are available throughout India, mostly covering cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Lucknow, Noida.

Forensic workshop programmes will cover the following aspects:

  1. General introduction of Forensic science.
  2. Various field of forensic science and their importance.
  3. General technique used in forensic science for investigation purpose.
  4. Workshop on document examination for identification of tempering or alteration.
  5. Verification of forgery, disguise and anonymous handwriting.
  6. Investigation of many crime scene or theft scene and how public or person can protect it from contamination.
  7. Fingerprint examination and how it can prove key role in investigation.
  8. Role of cyber forensic in preventing cyber crimes.
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