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Cyber Forensic Investigation

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Cyber Crime Investigation

Cybercrime investigation is the process of analyzing, investigating, and recovering critical forensic digital data/evidence from the networks or systems associated in the cyber attack that could be the Internet/www or a local network in order to identify the executor of the cyber/ digital crime and their main motive behind the attack.

Digital Forensic Investigation (Mobile Forensics and Computer Forensics)

Brilliant Forensic Investigation Pvt. Ltd. has team of digital forensic investigators and cyber forensic experts who have comprehensive range of proven forensic capabilities and knowledge with a global presence. Our forensic organization is instructed by law firms on a wide range of civil as well as criminal dispute cases, which covers a full spectrum of court matters. The digital forensic investigators or cyber forensic experts utilize their utmost knowledge and skills in most of the complex digital cases in order to meet client’s goals and expectations.

Brilliant Forensic Investigation Pvt. Ltd. forensic cyber experts utilize latest technology and digital forensic tools to uncover the hidden facts and highlight truth. The digital evidences are forensically examined thoroughly and forensic investigators can identify, recover and analyze different modes of digital evidence.

We provide Cyber forensic services in Delhi NCR in following cases:


Deleted Data Recovery From computer Hard Drives

  • Deleted data recovery from Pendrives
  • Deleted data recovery from computer hard disk
  • Deleted data recovery from CD and DVD
  • Deleted data recovery from Hard disk
  • Deleted data recovery from Memory cards, SD card, Digital cameras

Computer Forensics / Laptop Forensics

Computer forensics is the forensic analysis of computers and laptops for the purpose of legal investigation. Computer forensics involves:

  • Hard Disk imaging and Data preservation of digital evidences
  • Password recovery from encrypted files, folders
  • Password recovery of windows operating System
  • Internet activity and system log activity analysis
  • Theft of electronic intellectual property
  • Identifying illegal and indecent imaginary
  • Identification of any illegal or criminal activity in the computer

Mobile Forensics Investigation

Mobile forensics investigation is process of data acquisition/ data extraction and its analysis using various forensic tools and techniques

  • Forensic imaging and data preservation
  • Deleted data recovery from mobile phone
  • Deleted whatsapp Chat recovery from mobile phones
  • Deleted Chat recovery from instagram, Facebook, Hike etc.
  • Password Recovery from android phone
  • Examining and Recovering digital evidence for use in legally aided cases (Civil or criminal case)
  • Recovery of deleted or lost data after phone reset
  • Data recovery when the mobile phone is showing only logo or recovery mode
  • Mobile data recovery dead phone or broken phone using chip off method
  • Recovery of messages, whatsapp call, whatsapp video call recovery, call history.
  • Mobile activity log for analysis
  • Analysis of spy apps in mobile phones
  • Determination of location of phone at a specific time and date
  • Extraction of photographs, videos and call lists

Digital Media Investigation

  • Social Media Analysis (Posts, Ransom messages, comments, videos, pictures)
  • IP address identification and analysis
  • Fraud website scam identification

Call Datails Record Analysis

  • Date of call incoming or outgoing
  • Time of call and date of call analysis
  • Call duration analysis
  • Originating calls (Outgoing calls)
  • Receiving calls (Incoming calls)
  • CI – Cell site identity number
  • IMEI – International mobile equipment identity
  • Tower ID analysis

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