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Crime Scene Investigation Services

Adarsh Mishra forensic expert

Crime scene is the place where a crime occurs and hence has wealth of clue material and physical evidences. Crime is diverse in nature and it is also unique in nature. Crime scene differs with each crime. The only consistent about a crime scene is its inconsistency because each type of crime scene is unique in nature. Hence, for comprehensive investigation of crime scene requires well-qualified and experienced crime scene investigators, forensic experts, police officials and concerned law enforced agencies. Their collective scientific and critical thinking skills enable them to investigate the crime scene thoroughly, process and preserve evidences, proper documentation of physical evidences and its scientific examination.

The primary goal of crime scene investigation is to establish the possible link of suspect, victim and witness in relation to criminal event.  Crime scene investigators along with the forensic specialists utilize specialized knowledge of different disciplines of forensic science and physically examine the crime scene such as traffic accidents, theft incidents, murder, suicidal cases, hit and run cases, arson investigation, cyber investigation etc. They thoroughly follow the protocol of crime scene investigation and collect physical evidences and other relevant materials related to case to solve the crime.

Brilliant Forensic Investigation Pvt. Ltd. provides crime scene investigation and consultation services in various cases such as:

  • Traffic Accident investigation and its reconstruction
  • Murder, Assault cases and false rape cases
  • Suicide and Homicide Cases
  • Bloodstain Pattern Analysis in murder and assault cases
  • Theft case investigation
  • Latent Fingerprint Development and Lifting from crime scene
  • Barricading, Photography, Videography and Sketching of crime scene
  • Arson case Investigation
  • Cyber Investigation and collection of digital evidences
  • Collection of biological evidences such as blood, semen, saliva, hair, bodily fluids or other biological materials from crime scene
  • Collection of physical evidences such as glass, sand, bullet, cartridge, cartridge cases etc from crime scene
  • Collection of chemical evidences such as illicit drugs, petroleum products, cement, inflammable materials etc.
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