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Medico–Legal Consultation

Medico legal examination of body

Medicolegal is a broad term which incorporates the basics of two professions: Medicine and Law. Most of the people have knowledge regarding law but only few of them, besides from advocates, judges and law professors have more than vague notion of what constitutes law. Our medico-legal consultants/experts embrace best consultation on various medico-legal cases with scientific analysis and utilizing years of experiences.

Brilliant Forensic Investigation Pvt. Ltd. provides medico-legal services in following cases:

  • Interpretation of Medico-legal case reports, forensic science laboratories report such as Viscera report, DNA report, fingerprinting report etc.
  • Interpretation of post-mortem reports in cases like murder/ homicide cases, suicide cases, accident cases, hit-and-run cases
  • Examination of fabricated wounds and injuries
  • Legal advisory in criminal cases, dowry deaths, electrocution and road traffic accidents
  • Investigation of false rape allegations
  • Examination of time since death
  • Examination of ante-mortem and postmortem injuries
  • Examination of medical documents such as post mortem reports, medico legal certificates, death certificates, medical test certificates etc for purpose of accuracy and opinions.
  • Cross-examination of forensic reports and medico-legal expert

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