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Training on Fingerprint Examination

Fingerprint evidences are majorly used in civil as well as criminal disputes where fingerprints could be present on property documents, wills, bank documents, affidavits, tool or weapons, door handles and majorly in theft cases. In forensic science, fingerprints left at the scene of a crime which are immediately not visible to naked eye are known as Latent fingerprints. Such latent fingerprints require optical, physical and chemical techniques to develop.

We provide training on Fingerprint development and verification to forensic students, forensic aspirants, police officers, law students, lawyers etc. The training is provided by professional fingerprint experts who provide expert testimony in courts.

Our training program includes:

  • Processing and recovery of latent prints
  • Development of latent fingerprint using physical or chemical methods
  • Photography of fingerprints evidence
  • Verification of fingerprint
  • Comparison of disputed fingerprints with standard or specimen fingerprints
  • Fingerprint development and collection from theft cases
  • Fingerprint development from different surfaces like paper, glass, wood etc.
  • Preparation of detailed report on fingerprint examination
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