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Forensic Handwriting-Signature Expert Services For Courts

Forensic Handwriting Our consultancy BFI has experienced Forensic Handwriting Expert in Delhi who handles cases for forensic services related to examination and verification of different types of disputed handwriting samples including forensic Signatures analysis, examination of marks or symbols over various surfaces of documents like bills, cheques, suicide notes, anonymous letters etc. Forensic examination and assessment of disputed handwriting samples are done by analyzing various forensic aspects and principles of handwriting and signatures. Our forensic handwriting analysis and signature verification services includes:
  • Examination of use erasures or obliteration
  • Forensic signature verification for forgery identification
  • Photography of the handwriting over differences surfaces like over documents, wall, glass or any other surface.
  • Forensic examination of disguised handwriting and signatures.
  • Examination of Alteration – addition or deletion on the content of document or any surface.
  • Comparison between disputed and admitted handwriting samples.
  • Identification of individual (suspect) in anonymous handwriting samples.
  • Examination of inter and intra spacing between the characters of the word or letters.
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