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FAQ's on Handwriting Examination & Signature Verification

What does BFI training provide?

BFI provides hand-on-forensic training as well as online training on forensic handwriting examination and signature verification to forensic aspirants, lawyers, police officials all over National and at International level. We also provide practical exposure which covers broader aspects of questioned document field as well as other forensic science disciplines.

Who can opt for training in forensic document examination?

Our forensic training on questioned document enables the forensic aspirants, lawyers, corporate officials, police officials, college students with Bachelors/Masters degree in forensic science or in any other field of life sciences, professional etc.   

How can I become Forensic Handwriting expert?

A candidate with graduation or Post graduation in Forensic Science or in any other field of science is eligible to become forensic handwriting expert. One can also become certified forensic handwriting expert after completion of forensic handwriting examination and signature verification course from any recognized forensic organization.

What is the scope of forensic handwriting expert?

A forensic handwriting expert can seek job opportunity in Government Forensic Science Laboratories as well as in Private Forensic Science Organizations or companies. One can also become private forensic handwriting expert and can start his/her own practice after successful completion of the course.

How can I enroll in forensic handwriting examination training?

You can register online on our website https://forensicexpertinvestigation.com  contact us at ceo.bfi@gmail.com or call us at +91-8368736251 or +91-8586084508


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