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Training on Forensic Document Examination

Forensic Document Examination Course Outline:

In forensic science, questioned document examination is the process of scientific examination of document(s) which are referred to as ‘disputed’ or ‘questioned’ in a court of law. The forensic document examination prominently features in civil as well as criminal matters. A variety of cases involved in the forensic document examination such as: 

  • Forged Documents                      
  • Counterfeiting
  • Ransom Notes
  • Contested contracts
  • Wills
  • Sale Deed/Deed lawsuits
  • Identity theft
  • Bank notes/Deposit Slips
  • Charred Documents
  • Examination of ink
  • Handwriting or Printed texts bears on glass, walls, board etc
  • Cheques
  • Fraud Letters
  • Seals and Stamps
  • Any Medical related document
  • Machine produced documents (produced from photocopier, fax machine or printer)
  • Digital signatures on document

Moreover, forensic document examination also involves the examination of documents which are shredded or burned. In many cases, forensic document examination involves on examination on documents which contains secret writing and also examination is done on those documents which have indentations. The documents which are altered and obliterated also require forensic examination. Such forensic examination is performed by qualified forensic document examiner.

Our training program covers broader field of questioned document examination along with practical exposure utilizing various scientific methods & instruments.

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