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Fingerprint Development And Examination

Fingerprint Devlopment

Fingerprints are the crucial form of evidence for personal identification in the arena of crime scene investigation. Fingerprint evidences are majorly used in civil as well as criminal disputes where fingerprints could be present on property documents, wills, bank documents, affidavits, tool or weapons, door handles and majorly in theft cases.   

In forensic science, fingerprints left at the scene of a crime which are immediately not visible to naked eye are known as Latent fingerprints. Such latent fingerprints require optical, physical and chemical techniques. Identifying latent fingerprints is an important part of evidence collection, and forensic fingerprint experts are specialized in retrieving fingerprints from a crime scene. The best results are obtained when logical sequences of techniques are involved. At a crime scene, fingerprints must be examined thoroughly; employing optical techniques should be preferred first as these are non-destructive in nature and considerably improves the results obtained by physical or chemical methods depending on the surface on which fingerprints are present.

The primary purpose in developing latent fingerprints is to make them visible so as to preserve them and compare them with the fingerprints from suspects, who are believed to be involved in that particular criminal act. The common uses of fingerprints evidence include:

Brilliant Forensic Investigation Pvt. Ltd. provides fingerprint development and verification services for various purposes like:

  • Development of latent fingerprints from items, documents present at a crime scene
  • Development of fingerprints from glass or glass surface, wooden surfaces, plastic surfaces,
  • Lifting of fingerprints from crime scene
  • Taking fingerprints for comparison for court purposes
  • Assistance to police officials, law enforcement officials or corporate officials in investigating fingerprints at crime scene
  • Taking specimen and Identification of unknown deceased persons
  • Identification of disaster victims
  • Identification of licensing procedures for automobiles, firearms and other equipments
  • Establishing of correct identity in cases of kidnapping
  • Detection of bank forgeries
  • Examination and verification of fingerprints as well as thumb impressions on property papers, wills, affidavits, certificates etc
  • Obtaining Police Clearance Certificate
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