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BFI Vision & Mission


  • To widen the narrow route and scope of forensic science.
  • To fulfill the vacant spaces of forensic experts in each part of the state, country and the world.
  • To spread awareness regarding the importance of forensic science and acknowledging others about the importance of forensic science in the society.
  • To carry out national interest in the field of forensic science and to prosper the network of forensic science to law enforcement agencies, Government association and industries/corporate workplace.
  • Encourage and enhance the ability of upcoming forensic aspirants to use their knowledge, creativity as well as to enhance critical thinking skills to make their communities better places in which to live.
  • To enhance the public awareness for forensic science through Seminars, Conferences, Symposium, Conventions, Lectures and awareness campaign which are specifically structured to strengthen the roots of forensic science.
  • To provide excellent services and integrity to our costumers


  • To enrich the quality of education through hands-on, practical approach to deal with forensic & criminological science.
  • Our organization aims to provide versatile knowledge in different fields of forensic science, advanced scientific analysis and innovative economic opportunity for the promotion of truth and justice in our community, state and nation.
  • To turn into the Representative and National Voluntary Organization for Forensic Science to takes care of the National Interest just as the prosperity of the network everywhere and furthermore to locate the Forensic Expert in India and make it accessible to the Law Enforcement Agencies, Government associations and Industry.
  • Our enriched quality of training will empower scholarly accomplishment and self-awareness.
  • Our Program will give open, inviting, inventive and versatile educating and research conditions for forensic aspirants, corporate officials, police personnels, advocates, working officials, medical practitioners and so on.
  • Our Program results will positively affect the worldwide measurable science and law implementation networks, and on society in general.
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