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DNA Fingerprinting

DNA Fingerprinting

A modern approach of scientific investigation

DNA fingerprinting is one of the modern and standard method especially in criminal forensic case work. The basic principle behind DNA fingerprinting reveals that no two individual share the same genetic code except for identical twins and those elements of DNA that are examined and used to obtain a match. It cannot be forged or altered in anyway.

To understand the significance and value of DNA as evidence it is necessary to gain basic and explicit knowledge about basic structure of DNA, types of DNA, collection and preservation of DNA sources, extraction and isolation of DNA, DNA importance and its legal perspective in the court of law, DNA profiling procedural and ethical concern and many more.

Brilliant forensic investigation provides high quality DNA fingerprinting services all over India for both private sectors as well as law enforcement authorities like police, armed forces, courts etc. There are two different form of test covered under DNA fingerprinting-


Peace of Mind Test

  1. Paternity Test (With Maternal Involvement)
  2. Paternity Test (No Maternal Involvement)
  3. Maternity Test
  4. Siblingship Test
  5. DNA profiling for Individual Identification
  6. Test for Trisomy of Chromosome no. 13, 18 and 21

Court Approved Test

  1. Paternity Test (with/without Maternal Involvement)
  2. Siblingship Test
  3. Immigration Test for Individual identification
  4. Profiling for identification
  5. Identification of unknown deadbodies by DNA Profiling
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