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Adarsh Mishra

Adarsh Mishra Founder/Director

Best Forensic Expert (Delhi, India) as Handwriting Expert, Signature expert Fingerprint verification analyst, Cyber forensic Consultant. Forensic Trainer. B.Sc. (hons)- Forensic Science M.Sc.- Forensic Science, UGC NET Qualified in Forensic Science, Ex- lecturer Amity institute of Forensic Sciences, Noida, U.P and Ex tutor in WCMSRH medical college, Haryana

Neha Jha

Neha Jha DNA Fingerprinting and Medico Legal Consultant

She is graduate in Genetic and Post Graduate in Forensic Science from amity University. she has previously worked as Tutor of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology. she is specialized in medico legal case as well as DNA Fingerprint related matters.

Disha Jain

Disha Jain Fingerprint Expert

Forensic Investigation and Fingerprint Expert specialist in fingerprint development and fingerprint analysis. She graduated from Delhi university in life science and post graduated from amity university Noida in forensic science specialized in fingerprint examination.

Ravshish Kaur Kohli

Ravshish Kaur Kohli Forensic Educator

Graduated in Anthropology (Gold Medalist) and Post graduated in Forensic Science from Amity University, Noida, U.P. She is specialized in Questioned documents examination. Working as Forensic Educator, Forensic anthropology, fraud documents and signature verification as well as content writer.

Dr. Smriti Mishra

Dr. Smriti Mishra Director cum Forensic Odontology Consultant

Working as Forensic Consultant in Delhi and forensic Odontologist services in India. Skilled in medico legal examination of bite marks impression and identification of person from dental evidences.

Ajay Mishra

Ajay Mishra Forensic Photographer and private Investigator in Delhi

working as Forensic Photographer and Private investigator in Delhi NCR. Skilled in Post mortem photography and videography, crime scene photography, Photo and video authentication, working as forensic investigator in Delhi NCR.