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Is your company registered?

Our firm Brilliant Forensic Investigation Pvt. Ltd. (BFI) is registered under Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

What services does your company provide?

BFI provides forensic services in the field of: Forensic examination and verification of questioned documents, Handwriting & Signature verification, Fingerprint development & verification, Crime scene investigation & Management, Theft case investigation, Medico-legal consultation,  Audio-video analysis, Cyber forensics, Fire/Arson investigation, Private investigation (Pre-matrimonial & Post-matrimonial), Forensic DNA Fingerprinting and DNA Report interpretation, Consultation on various types of crimes ( Suicide or Hanging, rape, fabricated suicide , false allegation by family, friends, co-workers, wife etc., hit and run cases , poisoning cases)

Does your firm provide such services across other states?

Yes, we provide our services mostly in Delhi & NCR (Noida, Haryana, Faridabad, Ghaziabad) and in other states like Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Punjab, Chandigarh, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Bihar etc.

Does your company provide services to government sectors also?

Yes, our forensic science organization BFI Pvt. Ltd. is famous for its quality services in government sectors like police departments, lawyers and other special law enforcement agencies. As well as in private sectors like banks, cooperate offices, property dealers, multi-national companies etc.

What are the qualifications does a forensic expert of your firm has?

Our specialized experts have completed their graduation and post graduation in the field of forensic science or other applied sciences from well-known recognized universities. They also have intense knowledge in their respective field of forensic science.

Are the reports generated by your firm admissible in the court of Law?

The reports generated by our forensic organization are submitted under U/S Section 45 Indian Evidence Act (IEA) and are completely admissible in the court of law.

How much time is taken by your firm to generate a report?

The minimum time required by our firm is 8-10 days after the complete analysis and verification of the case. But there are times when urgent reports need to be submitted and then the reports are furnished according to the client’s requirement.

Does your lab maintain the confidentiality of client’s case information?

All the corroborative evidences and facts brought by the client directly or indirectly are kept highly confidential.

What all are the possible ways to contact or need more information regarding your forensic lab?

If one needs any kind of assistance or need information, one can reach out at our website www.forensicexpertinvestigation.com or give a call +91-9990292279 or +91- 8368736251. You can also send us e-mail @ contactus.bfi@gmail.com.

Does your firm provide forensic training?

Yes, we do provide training in the field of forensic document examination and verification, handwriting and signature verification, fingerprint development and identification, cyber forensics, forensic medicine to under-graduates and post-graduates aspirants, lawyers, police personnels, engineering students etc. We also provide certificate and forensic kit to the trainees.

Does your organization provide Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) Services for immigration purposes?

Yes, our forensic organization BFI Pvt. Ltd. provides the service of Police clearance certificate by taking fingerprints on standard fingerprint card issued by the Government of that particular country and we ensures the best result and timely verification.

Does your organization provide expert opinion based on photocopied documents?

If true certified photocopied documents are provided then the report can be made conclusively and can be submitted in the court of law.

Will your forensic expert appear in the court other than Delhi courts?

Yes, our forensic expert will be available in all the courts of India for expert testimony

What are the visiting charges for the appearance of forensic expert in the courts or at the client’s place?

The visiting charges depend upon case to case which includes travelling expenses and per day fees.

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