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Graphology|Signature and Handwriting Analysis

Graphology|Signature and Handwriting Analysis

Handwriting Anaylsis - A Reflection of Personality

Handwriting analysis can be considered as one of the non-technical ways of knowing about an individual’s personality based on their way of writing. Like fingerprints, no 2 people can ever have the same handwriting. Handwriting can be of great help during personality analysis.

There are many factors which we take into consideration when we talk about handwritings and they include:





the emotional state of person,

the physical state of the person,

the age of the person etc.

Hence it is clear that no two handwritings can match each other, because no two people can have the exact same mental, physical and emotional states of mind. 

Graphology -handwriting analysis

Handwriting analysis (graphology) is the one and only way to gain insight about the physical, mental and emotional state of mind of a writer. Our mouth, hands or feet does not decide, which way we will slant our handwriting or how small or big we will write and at what extent, but whatever the style that we adopt in our handwriting, it comes directly from our brain. This is why handwriting can also be termed as brain writing. A graphologist observes the letter formation and strokes in an individual’s handwriting by using a magnifying lens or microscopic techniques.

It is scientifically proven that whenever there is a sudden change in our mood, emotions or behaviour there is a sudden chemical change in our brain and then a subsequent change in the handwriting has been clearly seen. Manual analysis involves the study of various handwriting features and individual characteristics like slant, margins, word spacing, connections, line spacing, movements, formations, ‘i’ dots, t bars etc. Each of these feature has a specific meaning and helps in identifying the personality traits. Accuracy of such analysis depends on the skills of a forensic graphologist.

Advantages of Personality Analysis using Handwriting

Some of the major advantages of Handwriting analysis is that : 

·        Handwriting tells the inner story of a person therefore it can never be disguised, especially from a graphologist.

·        Handwriting analysis is objective: Handwriting analysis is accomplished by analysing writing sample only as it doesn’t have any prejudice or says is not bias at all.

·        Handwriting analysis can reveal inner feelings and conflicts and such kind of hidden tension, stress, worries and anxiety of a writer.

·        Practice can help bring a change in an individual’s personality and behaviour

·        Handwriting analysis can play a vital role for commercial usage. It aids high level authority or managers of a company to recruit appropriate personnel at appropriate place for optimum level of output at any work place or in any division.

·        It can be used by the teachers, mentors and parents for understanding a child fear factor and personality better.

·        It can help a counsellor to get more information about his or her  client’s personality. It can also be used for checking suicidal tendencies and other details about the client which might help the counsellor to save their lives.

·        Handwriting analysis can also be used by the HR team during the recruitment process which helps in checking whether the candidate is fit for the job profile or not. 

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