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Crime Scene Investigation

Our forensic consultancy BFI has an expertise forensic team for crime scene investigation and its management for various cases like murder, suicidal, hit and run cases etc. to the police officials. Various crime scene investigation tactics include-

  •    Blood splatter analysis.
  •    Theft case investigation.
  •    Medico-legal consultation.
  •    Cause of death investigation.
  •    Barricating the crime scene.
  •    Crime scene recording by sketching, photography and videography.
  •    Collection of evidence like blood, semen, saliva, bullets, firearms,documents.
  •    Reconstruction of crime scene and consultation.
  •    Consultation on homicidal cases, suicidal cases, fabricated cases.

Document Examination And Verification Expert

Our consultancy BFI provides various services for the examination and verification of various disputed documents like cheques, bills, tickets, currency, notes, agreements, contracts, medical reports or any other document. Examination and verification are done on the basis of various aspects like- comparison between genuine and disputed document.

  •    Examination of forged documents.
  •    Examination of the document whether scanned, photocopied or genuine.
  •    Examination of forged documents.
  •    Examination of document under various alternate light sources like UV,
       visible light, Transmitted light.
  •    Examination of marks on documents like staple marks, pin mark, v-clip mark    punch hole mark etc.
  •    Examination of seal, stamp or logos present over documents.
  •    Examination of counterfeit currency notes.

Forensic Handwriting Expert Services For Examination and verification

Our consultancy BFI has experienced Forensic Handwriting Expert in Delhi who provides services for the examination and verification of different types of handwritings, printouts, or symbols over various documents or surfaces which includes bills, cheques, suicide notes, anonymous letters etc. Examination and assessment of handwriting is done on various aspects of documents like-

  •     Examination of use erasures or obliteration..
  •     Photography of the handwriting over documents, wall, glass or any other surface.
  •     Examination of use erasures or obliteration.
  •     Examination of Alteration – addition or deletion on the content of document or     any surface.
  •     Comparison between Disputed and admitted handwriting samples.
  •     Identification of individual writer (suspect) from the given  handwriting samples.
  •     Examination of spacing, inter and intra distance between the  characters of the       word or letters.

Fingerprint Development And Examination

Our consultancy BFI provides services for the fingerprint examination and its verification to police officials, lawyers, corporate, MNC’s and institutions for various purposes like-

  •     Fingerprint lifting and development from crime scene.
  •     Latent fingerprint development present over any document or paper.
  •     Chance fingerprint left in theft cases.
  •     Taking fingerprint from dead person.

Fingerprint Expert Services For Delhi Courts

Our consultancy BFI provides services for the fingerprint examination and its verification to police officials, lawyers, corporate, MNC’s and institutions for various purposes like-

  •     Matching fingerprint found at crime scene with the suspects.
  •     Taking fingerprint and examining it for legal services.
  •     Fingerprinting for criminal records.
  •     Photography of fingerprints present on court records.
  •     Fingerprinting of security person, staff members, and visitors for maintaining         records.
  •     Examination of Fingerprints on documents like wills, deeds, agreements, police         records.
  •     Fingerprinting of servants or maids to ensure any previous criminal records.

Cyber Forensic Investigation

Our consultancy have highly skilled cyber forensic expert as in today’s scenario cybercrimes are the most frequently occurring crime. Our consultancy provide various cyber services like-

  •    Deleted Data Recovery.
  •    Collection of cyber evidence from crime scene.
  •    Imaging of hard disc.
  •    Recovery of formatted data.
  •    Cyber website security.
  •    Investigation of crime on social sites.
  •    Email recovery.
  •    Deleted multimedia recovery.
  •    Mobile phone data recovery.
  •    Data recovery from corrupted files.
  •    Fraud website scam.
  •    IP tracking.
  •    Data securing.
  •    Data encryption & decryption.

Cross Examination Questionnaire

Our consultancy provides services for the Lawyer for the preparation of questionnaire for the cross examination of the reports submitted by forensic lab private/govt.) Or individual forensic experts for the court of law so that the submitted reports could be fully testified and unbiased justified. Cross Examination of experts of various fields includes -

  •    Forensic chemist/Forensic Toxicology/Drug analyst.
  •    Document examiner, handwriting expert.
  •    Fingerprint expert.
  •    Forensic chemist/Forensic Toxicology/Drug analyst.
  •    Document examiner, handwriting expert.
  •    Fingerprint expert.
  •    Medico-legal expert, forensic medicine expert.
  •    Forensic Biologist, forensic serologist, DNA expert.
  •    Forensic Anthropologist.
  •    Forensic odontologist.
  •    Cyber forensic expert.
  •    Forensic Ballistic expert.
  •    Forensic Voice analyst.

DNA Fingerprinting

In today’s time DNA fingerprinting is the most accurate and reliable technique used for the purpose of identification of an individual. Our consultancy BFI provide high quality DNA Fingerprinting services all over India for both law enforcement like police, courts etc. as well as private sectors on various aspects like – Our consultancy provide various cyber services like-

  •     Paternity DNA test
  •     Maternity DNA test
  •     Court approved DNA fingerprinting test
  •    Siblingship DNA Test.
  •    Test for trisomy of chromosome no. 21 , 18 and 13.
  •    DNA immigration test.

Medico –Legal Examination

Medico legal examination is the examination of the dead body or medical documents (PM Reports, MLC’s etc.) which are lying with investigator or courts for the purpose of judicial proceeding. Our consultancy has highly experienced and professionally trained medico legal experts who can consult on various medico legal issues like-

  •     Examination of fabricated wounds or injuries.
  •     Examination of cause of death
  •     Examination of time since death
  •    Examination of victim for medico legal aspect.
  •    Examination of ante mortem and post mortem injuries.
  •    Examination of medical documents like post mortem reports, medico legal                certificates, death certificates, medical rest certificate for the purpose of    accuracy and opinions.

Physical Evidence Examination

Our consultancy BFI provides the examination and verification of various physical evidence found at the scene of crime which are very useful in solving the case. Various physical evidence includes-

  •     Development of shoe print
  •     Photography of shoe print
  •     Examination of foot print
  •     Examination of bite marks
  •    Examination and matching of shoe print
  •    Examination and matching of fiber
  •    Age, sex, race and cause of death determination from skeletal remains

Forensic Biology

Biological evidence play a great role in criminal cases like homicide, suicide and rape cases for the purpose of identification of the victim and the culprit. our consultancy provides services for the examination of various biological evidence like-

  •     Examination of hair evidence
  •     Examination of blood evidence
  •     Examination of urine evidence
  •     Examination of semen
  •     Examination of saliva.

Forensic Photography

As the crime scene cannot be transferred to the court of law, the best way to represent it to court is through photography method. Our consultancy provides best photographers for the crime scene documentation who are professionally skilled and trained photographer. We provide best forensic photography services for the purposes like-

  •    Crime scene photography and videography.
  •    Taking photographs from documents submitted to courts.
  •    Photography of evidence.
  •    Examination of photographs.
  •    Verification of altered or tampered photographs.
  •    Examination of digital photographs.
  •    Matching of photograph with the person.
  •    Id card photo identification.
  •    Examination of edited digital photographs.
  •    CCTV footage photographs verification.

Private Investigation

Our consultancy provide various private investigation and detective services to all over India and specially for detective service in Delhi and NCR for -

  •     Pre matrimonial investigation
  •     Character identification
  •     Post matrimonial investigation
  •     Financial condition of boy, girl or their family.
  •    Extra marital affairs.
  •    Academic verification.
  •    Habit investigation like alcoholic, drug abuse or other bad habits..
  •    Past relationships.
  •    Tracking activities of co-workers.
  •    Loyalty test.
  •    Job verification.
  •    Property verification.
  •    Investigation of children.
  •    Sting operations.

Forensic Graphology

Graphology is the art of analyzing handwriting, signature or other handwritten script for the purpose of analyzing personality, behavior and mentality assessment.

  •     Self-personality assessment.
  •     Personality /behavior assessment of the workers in an office.
  •     Knowing the thought process of your child.
  •    Know the professional future prospective of yourself or any other person .
  •    Graphological therapy.

Scientific Palmistry

Scientific palmistry is the scientific way of analyzing palm and fingerprint for the purpose of assessing the personality of an individual.

  •     Know your personality /nature /thinking process.
  •     Know the hidden characteristics about your relatives.
  •     Know your compatibility with your partner.
  •     Hierarchy or pedigree analysis.
  •     Know the behavior of people with criminal intend in your peer group.

Forensic Consultation Services

Our consultancy BFI has a highly specialized team having many years of experience in various fields of investigation. We provide consultation on various aspects of investigation like-

  •    Consultations on murder, suicide, rape, domestic violence, property related cases.
  •    Medico –legal consultation.
  •    Medical negligence.
  •    Explosion cases.
  •    Arson cases.
  •    Document and Handwriting cases.
  •    Cyber Forensic cases.
  •    Toxicology and drug related cases.
  •    Biological evidence related consultation.
  •    CCTV footage examination and consultation.
  •    Disputes related to PC-PNDT act violation.

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Brilliant Forensic Investigation Pvt. Ltd. is the best forensic service providing organization all over India having the most competent forensic experts of India who are highly trained and skilled in the field of Forensic investigation having many years of working experiences in their respective fields of forensic science departments.

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